Professor Leward Jeke

Prof. Leward Jeke holds a PhD in Economics. Prof Jeke has been a university lecturer for at least 7 years and participates in commissioned research projects, together with conducting and publishing research outputs in accredited journals. He is currently employed as an Associate Professor in the Department of Economics at the Nelson Mandela University where he specialises in policy research and teaching in environmental economics, financial economics and econometrics courses. Prof. Jeke has also been contracted with private organisations together with UNU-Wider on various research projects to these clients. His academic and contract work has mainly focused on international business, labour economics, environmental economics and financial economics.  Previously, he has also lectured undergraduate macroeconomics course at the University of KwaZulu Natal in 2014 and; public economics, econometrics and microeconomics at the University of Venda. During his academic career, Prof. Jeke has presented papers at several local and international conferences, published research in renowned academic journals and served as a panel discussant at various workshops and conferences. Recently, he presented research papers in Male-Maldives and Penang-Malaysia. He was key co-organiser of the recent successful “5th Pan African Enterprise Research Council” conference which was held on the 2-3 December 2020 hosted by the Nelson Mandela University in collaboration with the University of Fort Hare.  He further supervises PhDs, Masters, Honours and other postgraduate research theses, he serves as a referee to numerous journals and acts as an external examiner for PhDs theses, Masters theses, Honours research projects/treatises and moderates economics courses in seven South African universities. At Nelson Mandela University, Prof. Jeke is currently a member of and serving on the School Research Management Committee, Faculty Ethics Research Committee, Internationalisation Committee, and the Department of Economics Research Committee.  Since joining the Department of Economics in 2015, Prof. Jeke has been a key member of the team that maintains and develops the course curriculums for the department. He developed new courses that have been approved by the Higher Degrees Committee. Currently he is a member of various academic and professional bodies. Prof. Jeke is emotionally mature, a team player who is dependable and adaptable, strives for better quality in every sphere of his life among other personal traits.

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