Professor Syden Mishi

Prof. Mishi is an Associate Professor in Economics at Nelson Mandela University, South Africa teaching Advanced Microeconomics (masters level) and Microeconomics (honours level). He holds a Doctor of Commerce in Economics (University of Fort Hare), MCom Economics (University of Fort Hare) , BCom Economics- Financial Markets (cum laude, University of Fort Hare) and BCom Economics and Business Management ( cum laude, University of Fort Hare).

Prof. Mishi has taught in the higher education sector since 2012, having been a senior researcher for 4 years (1 January 2015-28 February 2019) consulting with postgraduate students and academics on research methodology, data analysis, developing and conducting research capacity building workshops. He has developed and facilitated workshops for practitioners especially researchers in government and government agencies.

His areas of teaching and research are applied microeconomics; microeconomics theory; behavioural and experimental economics; game theory; industrial organisation; institutional economics; finance.He supervises students and holds various research grants in this area. He also started a reading and research group: Research in Behavioural and Experimental Economics (RiBEE).

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